fruit toast, banana bread, banana choc chip & walnut loaf, coconut and raspberry loaf, pear and cinnamon loaf,

hot and buttered 8

honey ricotta or macadamia paste 8.5

italian eggs

slow cooked Italian sausages in a rich tomato sauce with poached eggs served with organic sourdough 16.9

kasundi wrap

eggs, lean leg ham, avocado, greens &  kasundi wrapped in a soft greek pita 14.9

breakfast wrap

eggs, bacon, herbed mushroom, greens and relish wrapped in a soft greek pita 12.9

or try the vego option – eggs, herbed mushroom, avo, greens and relish 12.9

beetroot & haloumi wrap

eggs, haloumi, lemon zucchini, greens and spicy beetroot relish wrapped in a soft greek pita 14.9

avocado smash

our famous avocado, feta and dukka smash on organic sourdough 11.9

why not have it with:

– 2 poached eggs 15.9

– with haloumi and smoked salmon or bacon 18.9

house made muesli

homemade toasted museli served with yoghurt and seasonal fruits, ask for todays selection 12.9

huevos rancheros

slow cooked Mexican bean salsa served with poached eggs, flat bread, avocado and sour cream 18.9

add savoury mince or smoked bacon 22.9

kasundi eggs

poached eggs, smoked leg ham and avo with spicy eggplant kasundi relish on organic sourdough 17.9

roast pumpkin fritters

roast pumpkin and chickpea fritters, avocado & fetta smash, marinated yogurt cheese, relish,fresh greens, and organic sourdough toast 17.9

– add 1 poached egg 19.9

pa’s pie

slow cooked savoury mince topped with creamy mash potato, 2 poached eggs and soft pita 18.9

try it with some tabasco !!

green eggs

poached eggs, asparagus, roasted cherry tomatoes, haloumi, salsa verde and organic sourdough 19.5

add avocado or bacon 22.5

herbed vege stack

a delicious tower of roasted seasonal vegetables topped with a field mushroom and grilled local

haloumi and of course our very own relish and organic sourdough toast 17.9

– add 1 poached egg 19.9

canadian pancakes

with maple bacon and ice cream 15.9

– add 1 fried egg 17.9

lamb koftas

middle eastern lamb koftas with minted yoghurt, roasted beetroot, 7 spice rolled poached eggs and flat bread 17.9

esher st breakfast

poached eggs, bacon, potato apple rosti, grilled local haloumi, relish and organic sourdough toast 19.5

add avocado 22.5


-poached eggs, haloumi, avocado, grilled tomato, herbed mushrooms, bacon, salmon, potato apple rosti




homemade baking dishes

ask one of our team about what we have baked today. Served with a seasonal salad 15.90


handmade herbed lamb pattie with grilled local haloumi, caramalsied onion, tomato, baby spinach

and a mint yoghurt dressing, nestled between two slices of organic sourdough 15.90

– with salad 18.90

porkie pig

orange and star anise pulled pork burger with spiced slaw, marinated cheese with beetroot and jalapeno relish 15.9

lunch pizzeta

ask our chef what’s on top today 15.9


salad of the day 12.90

add greek marinated grilled chicken or lamb, ham or smoked salmon16.9

soft greek pita wraps

greek marinated chicken or lamb, or ham with tomato, greens, avocado, cheese and relish. Served with a seasonal salad 15.90

gourmet sandwiches

– made on organic sourdough and served toasted with a salad 13.9